Virgin Steele - The House Of Atreus: Act I

1. Kingdom of the Fearless (The Destruction of Troy)
2. Blaze of Victory (The Watchman's Song)
3. Through the Ring of Fire
4. Prelude in a Minor (The Voyage Home)
5. Death Darkly Closed Their Eyes (The Messenger's Song)
6. In Triumph or Tragedy
7. Return of the King
8. Flames of the Black Star (The Arrows of Heracles)
9. Narcissus
10. And Hecate Smiled
11. A Song of Prophecy
12. Child of Desolation
13. G Minor Invention (Descent into Death's Twilight Kingdom)
14. Day of Wrath
15. Great Sword of Flame
16. The Gift of Tantalos
17. Iphigenia in Hades
18. The Fire God
19. Garden of Lamentation
20. Agony and Shame
21. Gate of Kings
22. Via Sacra

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